When good intentions have harmful effects at your organization, we are here to help.

Our Mission

Partners in Tough Spaces' (PTS) mission is to provide progressive, actionable and research-driven content to individuals who want to address the inequities in their work or personal environments. We believe that equity is a goal that all organizations should work towards but we are also aware of the groundwork that has to be done so that equity can exist not only in words but also in the practices of the organization.

The goal of creating PTS is to have a space to support, uplift, challenge and grow with one another. As a group, we work towards bringing attention to the words, actions, and behaviors of our environment as we pursue equity. We must create change in the toughest of spaces, especially when voices louder than our own seek to stymie our cause. We know that creating change that is affirming and progressive within tough spaces is difficult. You should not have to do that work alone.

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