Who we are

Ashley Causey-Golden is a recent graduate from Teachers College-Columbia University with a Masters of Arts in Sociology and Education. Serving in various roles within education, she is constantly trying to better understand how to create access points for individuals to have a chance to use and strengthen their skills. Having discussions and supporting initiatives that are centered around equity, community, self-care is something of a passion.

She is excited to start Partners in Tough Spaces with Rachel because there needs to be a space where professionals across the spectrum can support, challenge, and grow with one another about issues that are not talked about enough within the workforce. 

Rachel Gorsky also recently graduated from Teachers College at Columbia University, also with a Masters of Arts in Sociology and Education! She has been working in education in various capacities since 2010, and knows the frustration and hurt that arises from stymied efforts at inclusion and acceptance within those spaces.

Rachel's personal goal is to empower anyone fighting for equity in their workplace, and she believes in the power of community support and well-organized resources to do just that. For this reason, Rachel is so happy to be working with Ashley to start Partners in Tough Spaces. She hopes that this space serves as a useful resource for any and all who visit and a welcoming community to those who wish to join!


Becoming a Member

Partners in Tough Spaces provides resources and information to anyone who visits the website. What does it mean, then, to be a member of our group? Membership allows you to interact with us and our group on a more personal level. Simply click on the following icons to get a description of the support we offer to our members.


Members have the opportunity to schedule “coffee dates” with us, virtual or in-person (when applicable), during which time we can chat about any work-based or equity-based questions/issues you are having! These meetings allow you to get one-on-one support from a member of our team, over a hot cup of coffee on us!

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Once a month, PTS will host an online roundtable during which time members can call in to chat with us and each other to exchange thoughts and ideas about their equity work. Each roundtable will have be based around a certain theme that is decided prior to the meeting by an online survey.

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Members have the option of promoting their own PD goals, projects, and initiatives on the donations section of the PTS website. By doing so, they might harness the power of the PTS community to fund their work, whether or not their workplace is supportive of them. No matter what, we’ve got your back.

As PTS finds its feet and our community comes together, we will be able to offer members more opportunities for support and growth. Once our network is of the appropriate size, we hope to begin pairing members with each other to act as a “buddy system” of sorts. This way, members can support each other more thoroughly. Additionally, we hope to one day send out a newsletter to members with updates on the news, equity research, and any other relevant items. Keep an eye out for these offerings as we move forward with our work!