Thinking About Voices

“When I talk, people assume a lot about me. For a long time I thought I had to hide.” - Guy Branum

My Gay Voice

By Guy Branum


Voice is so much more than what words you use to communicate. Voice is personal, cultural, and expressive. Voice, once established, can be trained but never abolished. Lean into your voice, recognize the voices of those around you. Allow voices to help you discover communities old and new.

In his article for the New York Times, Guy discusses the various relationships he has had with the way he talks and the relationships his voice allowed him to have or kept from him. In the current political atmosphere where so many voices are being silenced by the powerful, this piece felt particularly meaningful.

Happy LGBTQ History month! This article is the first of a new feature of this blog. We will be sharing articles that spark conversations, encourage reflection, and reframe the world around you. As we explore the wisdom of the world around us, we hope that you’ll share your thoughts with us, as well as any articles you think could be featured on this site. Thank you!